The Training Course “Media Sapiens III – Creative Promotional Tools in Youth Work” will take place as planned in 11-18 March 2012 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and will be a 6-day training course designed for young people organised by ASTRU Cluj and Life Zone Estonia in collaboration with EESTEC LC Sarajevo and Young Journalist Centre Moldova (CTJM).

The aim of the training course is to raise youth workers’ awareness on using creative promotional tools as form of effective communication with different target groups and stakeholders.

The main objective of this training course is to provide learning opportunity in an intercultural setting for young people interested in being competitive in creation of promotional tools in youth work and follow-up activities.

At the deadline for the applications for participants, we have received a number of 409 applications out of which 408 are valid. One application was considered invalid since it was missing all the personal details including name of participant.

There are 38 countries from Europe whith 383 applications and 14 from other continents with 408 applications, bringing to a total of 52 applicant countries for this Training Course.

88% of the total applications are aged 15-30 and 8% are aged 30-35 years of age. The gender balance is also insured in the process of applications with 61% of the applicants being female and 39% being male. A chart can be seen in the left with the gender distribution of the applications.

Out of the 408 valid applications, in case of succes of application, 189 people would require a visa making them 46% of the total applicants while 219 people would not require a visa (54%).  A chart can be seen in the right with the distribution of the visa requirements.

In the attachment you can find the list of countries that applied with the number of applications from that country. Please note that we are using the names of countries as mentioned in the application by the respective applicants, this not meaning recognition of countries and/or names of countries that are disputed by our organisation.

Also in the last chart the frequency of the applications can be seen for the whole period of registration (4 December 2012 – 25 January 2012).

The international Training Team (Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Romania) will meet for the first time this weekend 27-29 January 2012, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania for the preparations of the Training Course and the selection of the participants. Participants should expect to be contacted about their application around 31 January 2012 and be informed weather it was succesful or not.

Attachments: MSIII-Statistics of Applications

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