Representatives of 8 organisations part of the Media Sapiens III project attended in Cluj-Napoca, Romania an Evaluation, Feedback and Follow-up Meeting during 2-3 June 2012.

Asociaţia Tineretului Român Unit  – ASTRU Cluj and Life Zone Estonia in collaboration with EESTEC LC Sarajevo and Young Journalist Centre Moldova (CTJM), organised during 11-18 March 2012, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania the Training Course “Media Sapiens III – Creative Promotional Tools in Youth Work” where 33 young people from 17 member countries of the Council of Europe took part.

The Evaluation, Feedback and Follow-Up Meeting was structured in two parts. Saturday, 2 June 2012 the participants went through the programme of the Training Course trying to remember all the sessions and the contents of the TC in order to be able to evaluate the meeting. The evaluation was targeted at the target group and role of young people in the project, the methodology used, main elements of the programme, the results and conclusions, the European dimension and the intercultural dimension of the project. Also during this part the follow up was evaluated in terms of participants and results achived. During the afternoon the documents and resources of the Training Course were put in one archive which was made available to all participants to Media Sapiens III Training Course. Before the evening the 40th anniversary of the European Youth Foundation was celebrated.

Sunday, 3 June 2012 started with presentation of the present organisations and their projects for 2013 as a mean for partnership building and networking for these projects while during the afternoon after identifying  key common follow-up elements the participants split into groups and developed the projects together. The groups prepared the content of Media Sapiens IV and V Training Courses which are planned to take place in United Kingdom and Republic of Moldova respectively and also developed the ideas of creating a Media Sapiens Toolkit for Youth Organisations and a Media Sapiens Network for organisations interested in the topic.

The meeting was a real succes and we are looking further into the follow-up and implementation of the projects developed together with all the partners.

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